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Intad Belgium bvba


Headoffice in Antwer

The Company as a product

Intad Belgium is an independent company specialized in industrial adhesives, hot melt adhesives and related products. The company is characterized by toprate knowledge of both the adhesives market and technical applications as well as an innovative research team. In an industry characterized by standard norms and standard products, Intad provides an excellent alternative. It is able to provide tailor-made solutions to your specific requests and requirements. Intad uses its slightly smaller size to its customers advantage. Its ability to be flexible and to react quickly ensures your continued productivity every day of the week. For your convenience we have beside our headoffice in Belgium sales subsiduaries throughout Europe. With its vast experience and solid client base, Intad quarantees a perfect balance between a competitive price and superior quality.

The Company as a Brand-name

Intad has a wide variety of products, more than 150 in all, for use with all of the latest materials, stipulations and machinery. Our specialities include adhesives for the paper and cardboard converting industry as well as the packaging industry. At Intad we are sensitive to concerns of the environment and so the production and introduction of environmentally friendly products are an important part of our business. Our line of products has been produced as a result of extensive discussion with machinery manufacturers as well as environmental experts.
Environmentally conscious

Expert Advising

The Intadstaff is professional and personal right from the laboratory to the board room. The motto, "The customer always comes first", is our main concern and we are hard at work to ensure that it lives up to these words. We are here to serve you and we will do so the best of our ability. Despite of all our advantages, the success of Intad is depending of you, the customer ! We hope that you will give us the chance to prove ourselves.

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Romke Houtstra

Managing Director.

Environmentally conscious