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Intad Belgium BVBA is established in 1990 by Romke Jacobus Houtstra, named after his grandfather who was the founder of first the N.K.I. (Nationale Kleefstof Industrie) Rotterdam in 1937 and later Houtstra's Kleefstoffenfabriek B.V. in Naaldwijk. His grandfather R.J. Houtstra (†1970) was working with his five sons. One of them was Mr A.W. Houtstra (†2002), the father of the present managing director Romke J. Houtstra. Mr. A.W. Houtstra was leading the company in Naaldwijk to an international concern, one of the biggest players in Europe. Unfortunately the company was taken over in 1989 by an international competitor. This was the end of 60 years "Houtstra Kleefstoffen". A sad day for Houtstra's.

Above mentioned introduction, was the main reason for Mr. Romke Houtstra to start his own company and keeping the Houtstra philosophy alive.

We have chosen for Antwerp - Belgium because of its central location within Europe and ofcourse their famous port of Antwerp, located on the the river the Schelde. Our headoffice is located in the historical part of Antwerp, the city of Rubens!

Intad Belgium at first was a trading company in industrial adhesives, but was still able to compete with multinational producers despite an huge competition. Nowadays the main part of our programme is manufactured in license at production units in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Mostly we deliver through international transportcompanies who guarantee us short delivery times. In case of emergency we use our own transport to supply directly to the customers as fast as possible. Service is one of our highest standards as it should be !!

From 1990 until 1995 our turnover was for only 30% export. As Dutch people has done for centuries, we were also forced to expand the export, because Belgium is relative small country.

Now, in 2012 , our turnover is for almost 65% export and of course we are still looking for new markets, all around Europe. We are looking forward to present ourselves at your company as well.

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