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Gear Pump Units

Gear pump hot melt units


A gear pump hotmelt unit is often used in applications where there is; or a very precise dosage and stable adhesive glue patern required, or if there is a hot melt with a high viscosity used. Thanks to the counter-rotating gears -three in a single and two in a double-gear pump- there will be a constant and even adhesive supply. This is particularly ideal, in applications in which there is a constant, and at the same time stable adhesive supply needed, for example with coatings.

Unit configuration

Thanks to the wide variety of available gear pumps, there is for almost every application a technical solution. In the selection of the appropriate gear pump for a particular application, it is, however, very important to have as much data as possible in order to be able to calculate which gear pump there should be chosen.


The by an electric motor driven gear pump, maintains a constant adhesive supply. Whenever the hot melt guns are closed with running running gearpump, the excessive glue flows back to the tank through an adjustable pressure relief valve. By a correct adjustment of the pressure relief valve there can also be a too large or low-dosage avoided when the the guns are opened. If the set pressure is too high, then there will be to much glue at the start, in the case the set pressure is too low, then there will be too little glue at the start. This then results in one case, to an excess of adhesive and in the other case a too little glue on at the beginning of the adhesive pattern. It all depends on finding the perfect balance and we recommend leaving the adjustment to experienced professionals.

Automated installation

The UES gear pump hot melt units are well suited for deployment in an automatic installation. Many functions are controllable from, or may correspond with the PLC of the main machine. There are outputs regarding the unit's operational temperature has been reached and that the glue level is not too low (sensor optional). Connections to switch the pump, standby function and electrical hose connections on and off and a variable current input through which the speed of the motor can be arranged by the main machine. In short; you have a wide variety of options through which you can can controll or adjust the hotmelt system by the main machine.


There is a wide choice in gear pump units, regarding tank capacity, connections and pumps. Whether you are looking for a unit with a small capacity tank and a small pump, or a bulkmelter with a large capacity pump, we can deliver them, advise you and also assist in the installation itself. Contact us for all your questions.