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Spare Parts

Hotmelt guns, modules, nozzles and spare parts


Besides the hotmelt unit there are obviously additional hot melt parts needed for a complete hot melt installation. This concerns one or more heated hoses, fittings for hoses, hotmelt guns or hand guns, solenoid valves, modules, nozzles and other small equipment, such as air hose (in 6 or 8mm diameter), air couplings etc. Below we treat several of these required components. We hope we will be able to make things clearer, especially when you are about to purchase a hot melt installation for the very first time.

Heated hoses

The function of these hoses is to transport the molten hot melt glue to the heads. These are available in various lengths and internal diameters . A standard heated hose has an internal diameter of 8mm and has a JIC 9/16 socket. The other available larger internal diameters are 13, 16 and 20mm. These are primarily intended for applications were a large volume of glue needs to be transported in a short time period (hotmelt guns with many modules, manifolds, etc.).

Hotmelt guns and modules

These are sold under various names, such as, hotmelt guns, glue heads, etc. Furthermore, hot melt guns are offered as well with as without modules. The hotmelt guns from our product range have generally (unless otherwise stated) the modules included. The guns are air-open spring-closed, or open-air or air-closed, this refers to the way a modules operates. We have created an animation of the air-spring-open closed principle to demonstrate the effect. An air closed module is almost same, but in this case the needle is not pushed down by a spring, but by means of air pressure. In this situation there is an additional air channel in the gun to close and keep the module closed by putting pressure on top of the disk to which the needle is mounted. The hotmelt guns and modules come in many types, module occupations and sizes. Take a look at our leaflets pdf page for more information.
Hot melt guns standard
Hot melt gun "mini"
Isolated hot melt gun "Ecoshot"

Solenoid valves

These are intended for opening and closing of the glue heads. The choice regarding the solenoid valves is completely dependening on the hot melt guns in use. The solenoid valves which we have available are the types 3/2 4/2 or 5/2, in which case the figure in front of / stands for the number of ways and the number 2 behind the / refers to dual action (open or closed). A 3/2 valve is intended for an air-open spring-closed gun. The valve has an air inlet and an air outlet, the air outlet is double functioned as besides feeding air to the gun for opening the module it is also used to let off excess air from the glue gun, which is drained through a separate discharge channel within the solenoid valve (brass colored silencer). The air under the dish (see animation) must be taken away, otherwise the spring would never be able to close the module. A 4/2 and 5/2 valve are both intended for air-open air-closed glue guns. This type of hot melt guns have two air connections; one to open the module and the other to close the module and keep it closed. Both channels have a two directional airflow (air in and out), which basically makes sense, otherwise due to the remaining pressure within the channels, the module would not open or close. Both solenoid valves have an air inlet and two switching air out channels (for opening and closing of the modules), the 4/2, however, has only one air drain outlet, while the 5/2 has two air drain outlets (for a faster air outlet).


A nozzle is ment to apply and determin the adhesive pattern. We have a very wide variety of nozzles in our program. Whether you need a swirlnozzle, a straight nozzle, a sideways nozzle, or a offset nozzle, we can supply all of them.

On our website you can order most of these parts on-line.