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Standard Units

Standard hot melt units

UES Perfectmelt SE Hot melt Unit

UES Perfect melt technology with easy-to-use control touch screen, which contains all necessary functions. A reliable glue unit, with attractive economical purchase and maintenance costs. This unit is also ideal for manual application with hose and hand gun, due to its low weight and dimensions.

Standard Equipment:

• Tank volume of 4 or 8 kg with equal size of the unit.
• Melting capacity of 6 kg / h. (depending on the adhesive type).
• Possibility to connect up to 4 hoses and applicators (or hand guns).
• Separate tank and distribution block heating (2 zones).
• Teflon coated tank
• Extra large tank opening with frame to protect against overfilling.
• Air pump P14E (Ratio 14: 1) With electronic switching; fast and very quiet.
• Standard electronics: temperature display, channels, scan function, stand-by function (reduces the temperature), protection against overheating, protection against pump release when the temperature is too low.
• max. 3 digital outputs for integration with your PLC: ready, alarm, and low glue level (optional if a low glue level controller is installed).

Standard Equipment:

• Low adhesive level controller.
• PowerFill (Automatic glue or resin filling system).

Preo Easy Hot melt Unit Series

The new EASY TOUCH hot melt unit series with touch screen operation is very innovative in terms of ease of use, production flexibility, maintenance, installation speed, ease of programming and safety standards. These units have a high reliability and offer full integration with any kind of packing line, guaranteeing great applicability. The new microprocessor controls all necessary actions for the system to function, from heat regulation in the different zones to the programming of up to 8 glue lines for each of the up to 8 independent channels. Further features are: Economy function, Clock, Weekly Programming, Absolute Maximum Temperature Alarm, Sequential heating of the different channels and stand-by temperature. This unit can also be supplied with an integrated glue pattern control system for automatic applications. This means that no separate cartridge controller has to be purchased, which also has the advantage that everything can be set on one device. You also save more than 60% in purchase costs compared to the purchase of a separate glue cartridge control unit. All parameters are easy to set by means of the touch screen and the frequent use of symbols, as a result of which language problems are hardly present when setting up. Available with a tank capacity of 1, 5, 10, 15, or 20 liters.

Optional Equipment:

• Low adhesive level controller.
• Twister Automatic glue or resin filling system.
• Integrated glue controller.